Oil on canvas interior scene
 by Jean Baptiste Jules Thrayer

circa 1855 in
period French
gilt composition frame

Anglo-American wall clock

Watercolor by Stephen Scott Young, 2005
USPAP Compliant*
Auchincloss & Reynolds
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Antique & Contemporary Arts
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Fine Art
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Services also include:
Estate Management
Household Inventory

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 USPAP Compliant

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Types of Appraisals

Estate Appraisal to determine tax liability for the Internal Revenue Service.

Insurance appraisal to ensure recovery in the event of damage or loss that is not adequately covered under blanket coverage.

Donation appraisal to qualified institution for IRS tax deduction.

Other purpose (ex: division of property for divorce, damage and loss appraisals and more).

Not all clients contacting us for appraisal services require appraisals.  For example, you may only require Inventory Services (a catalog record of items with photographs), which we also provide.

(2) In some cases, clients hire an appraiser on a consulting basis to assist the client in evaluating whether to keep, sell or donate items.
* USPAP compliant indicates that the professional appraiser has successfully completed a fifteen-hour course and passed the required examination in Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice and is mandated to remain compliant with all current USPAP standards.